Everyone wants to know more Robert Mac. In fact, throngs of people chant it so loudly during my lectures—Know more Robert Mac! Know more Robert Mac!—that I’m forced to cut them short and escape through labyrinthian exits for my own safety.

Know More Robert Mac is also the unofficial Robert Mac fan club (of which I am both Vice-President and Treasurer). Show how much you care: go to the KMRM Facebook page and click “like.” That should keep you in the loop of anything that gets posted there, depending, of course, on what your Facebook settings are and what security changes they have afoot. (It really gets confusing after a while, and then—before you know it—they change the rules again! Yeesh.)

Anyway, it’s worth a try.

If you really want to know more Robert Mac—and support a good cause (‘cause I need the money)—buy my CD, which is conveniently titled “Know More Robert Mac.” Here are some other proactive ways that you can become a Mactivist.